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Spring is Here...Love Your Liver!

Updated: Jan 10

Spring is a time of renewal, refreshening! As this is true of the earth and all that it feeds, it is true for us. The organ associated with spring in Eastern medicine is the liver and gall bladder! Love your liver this spring! Add lemon to your water! Beets help to declog your gall bladder from build up! Garlic and onions help with detoxing they also support the immune system. Add some green leafies and olive oil to put a bigger punch into your meal. Maybe some radishes or walnuts added to your salad. Asparagus, a great spring vegetable. Avocados are a great good fat! All these foods support your liver and gall bladder by helping with the detoxification, one of the liver's biggest jobs, breaking down proteins and fats so your body can more efficiently use them, another job of the liver.

The better we feed ourselves the better we will feel and the more stable our moods will be!!!!! BE WELL!!

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