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Quarantine-What was the Benefit that we gained!

Updated: Jan 10

When the 2020 quarantine started they were many postings regarding everyone gaining

50 lbs during quarantine. When I ask my clients, friends and family they answer no they have not gained 50 lbs. A few have lost weight 10-18 lbs actually. Why is that I wondered!

If we are not living in fear of the virus our lives have taken on a new pace. We are not rushing here, there and everywhere trying to balance several things. This new pace may not be so bad. Most folks I speak to are having their evening meal with the family, the whole family, at a more relaxed pace with time to just be with each other. That relaxed meal time is allowing our bodies to do the work of digestion with greater ease. A slower pace at the dinner table means we slow down our chewing, this prepares food for our stomach, and then the stomach and all it's enzymes and gastric juices can do their job more efficiently. Then on to the intestines where the nutrients from the food we eat are absorbed, giving us the energy we need to fuel our organs and whole body. And then elimination from the large intestine and colon is smooth and easy as well. If this is all occurring at a more relaxed pace and the foods we are eating can be utilized appropriately then there is less storing of the food we eat to protect us as we are in that fight of flight mode, also called stress.

So lets stop, become more aware of how we feel during this time of quarantine and maybe just maybe we are healthier at this new pace. Now take that one step further and think about the time of quarantine what did you like about it, what was hard? Have you carried over any of the things you liked about that time into your day to day lives now? Should you have?

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