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"Time and Health are two precious assets that we don't recognize or appreciate until they have been depleted." Denis Wailley


Health Coaching

Judy provides 1:1 health coaching sessions helping clients make sustainable lifestyle changes.  Making change is a process, and Judy will help you succeed in moving forward on your path, within your own personal journey to better health and wellness.  One way Judy helps her clients to make changes is by offering recipes and assisting with menu planning, learning how foods affect our body and our health.


* Standard Process Supplements- Whole Food Supplements to support a client's body with the nutrients needed to maximize physical, emotional balance, health, energy, and wellness.

*Grocery Store Shopping- Judy will help clients find alternative options while making better, more educated food choices.

*Pantry Makeover- helping clients to fully commit to making the desired changes within their pantries, for greater balance and health. Health begins at home. What's in your pantry?


Reiki Master

 Reiki channels a client's own energy. Judy helps to activate the clients own natural healing process restoring physical, emotional, spiritual well being.

Reiki is known and documented to reduce stress, pain, anxiety, assisting a client to achieve relaxation, clarity, improve balance, sense of wellbeing and healing. As stress, anxiety and pain are reduced an individual can begin to function better on a day-to-day basis.

"Our bodies can heal themselves."                                                 Hippocrates 


Occupational Therapy

Judy has been practicing OT for many years. During this time, she has worked with clients who have suffered from a variety of insults/injuries. She has been said to have a magic healing touch helping her clients heal from a physical insult while incurring minimal pain, guiding them as they return to productive and satisfying activities.


Judy works with a multitude of diagnoses or complaints related to the Upper Body and Back including neck, shoulder, elbows, and hands. Judy also has a specialty in office Ergonomics.

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