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About Judy

Judy Cook has been a healing practitioner for many years. She started her professional career as an Occupational Therapist. She has always had an interest in nutrition and health, so it was natural for Judy to further her education to become a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IN) in New York City. Judy later became a Reiki Master which has allowed her to focus not only on nutrition, whole health, and wellness, it has added an energy component and a greater sense of balance to the services she offers. 

The philosophy behind Judy’s practice is grounded in offering her clients a holistic, balanced approach. She focuses on the whole person, which maximizes the results she assists her clients in achieving. Through her extensive experience, Judy is known to have an amazing ability to see the needs of her clients from multiple perspectives. She has a warm, friendly rapport with clients and is willing to meet them where they are. Working to assist clients in achieving their personal health and wellness goals is Judy’s passion.


Judy is a sought-after educator and lecturer on topics such as Mindfulness, Food as your Medicine, Intuitive Eating, Gluten Free Eating, and more.

When not working, Judy gives of her time to various community programs and enjoys spending time

in the outdoors and with her family and friends.

Education and Certifications

 Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach

Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master

Licensed Occupational Therapist

What are clients saying about Judy?

“As soon as Judy began her work all my apprehension disappeared.”  BL

“Judy has a magic touch.” CB

“I’m not sure what happened, but with Judy’s help I was able to allow my body to accept the healing she offered.” DA

“Judy instilled an understanding of nutrition as it relates to whole health.”  JB

“I came in to resolve a neck issue and came away with so much more. Judy is truly a gifted healer.”  DA


“I discovered new and better ways of eating nutritionally working with Judy.”  DC


“Judy’s belief in me gave me hope that change is possible. And that I have the power within myself to make those changes.”  SB


“The relief I felt following a Reiki session with Judy was amazing.”   PR


“I discovered food was not the only component to my inability to lose weight. Judy helped me realize how other factors in my life were affecting my health, stress being number 1.” DC

“Throughout the time I have worked with Judy, I have had the utmost faith in her clinical judgment and approach to working with me. This feeling was reinforced as our client/practitioner relationship deepened into a true partnership.” R.S.

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